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Implemented projects
This section provides information on contracted EKII projects.

The final beneficiary: Siguldas novada pašvaldība
Project name: Siltumnīcefekta gāzu emisiju samazināšana Siguldas novada Kultūras centra ēkā
The project contract date: 2016.10.04
The total project costs (in EUR): 6229860.68
EKII financing (EUR): 1921171.03
Project completion date: 2018.10.04
The project aims/activities:
Name Type
Existing and future attic and roof insulation with 40cm thick mineral wool layerBuilding insulation
The outer wall insulation with 30 cm mineral wool layerBuilding insulation
Exterior door replacement of U=0,9W/(m2K)General
The window construction and replacement of newly created window structure assembly U=0,85W/(m2K)General
The cap insulation with 20 cm thick extruded siltumizolācijasslāni and a waterproofing membrane recoveryBuilding insulation
The new energy efficient building envelope construction of a wall U=0,1W/(m2K). Uw = 0,85W / (m2K), roof U=0,08W/(m2K)General
Heating SITEM renovationGeneral
Lighting system renovationLighting
Renovation of ventilation systems with recuperation functionVentilation
heat pump installationGeneral
DHW a solar collectorGeneral
Shelter reconstruction, insulationBuilding insulation
Floor reconstruction, insulationBuilding insulation
Site preparation worksGeneral
demolition workGeneral
Electrical system modification, replacement luminairesLighting
Stage lighting system construction (Great Hall)Lighting
Stage lighting system construction (Cinema hall)Lighting
Stage lighting system construction (Small Hall)Lighting
Control and automation systems constructionGeneral
Internal water supply, sewerage, communications networks, fire and alarm system, construction of a stage, sound system, lift construction, site improvement works, etc. works by the technical projectGeneral
Construction supervisionGeneral
Project description:
Project implementation location