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Green public procurement

Green public procurement is the systematic integration of environmental (including social) conditions into all activities related to the procurement of goods or services and one of the environmental policy instruments through which

  • reduce the environmental impact - each purchased product (or service) has an impact on the environment at all stages of its life cycle (production - use - recycling for re-use or disposal in a landfill);
  • to promote social improvements - with the help of conditions built into the procurement procedure, it is possible to ensure better working conditions, for example in construction, or to ensure the accessibility of a new building for the disabled;
  • to achieve budget savings - when planning to purchase a product or service, real needs are first assessed, thus reducing the amount of procurement. Second, a product life cycle cost assessment is performed. In this way, it is possible to take into account all factors (not only the initial price of the product or service, but also the costs of operation and waste management) and ultimately achieve cost savings.