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Implemented projects
This section provides information on contracted EKII projects.

The final beneficiary: Rīgas Metropolijas Romas katoļu kūrija
Project name: Katoļu kultūras un izglītības centra vēsturiskās ēkas energoefektivitātes paaugstināšana
The project contract date: 2016.08.23
The total project costs (in EUR): 587887.95
EKII financing (EUR): 497277.08
Project completion date: 2018.11.23
The project aims/activities:
Name Type
Attic ceiling insulation with additional mechanically incorporated in mineral wool. Shelter additional sealings installing vapor barrier membrane. Attic outer wall (outer perimeter and partitions) insulation.Building insulation
Existing window replacement on new historical type of windows - wooden profile is 78 mm, 3 glazing, glass separating gasket 0,040W / mK.General
The outer walls of the additional insulation of the interior side with 50 mm insulation layer. Construction element reach the U-value of 0.485 W / m2K, due allowance for the attenuation of thermal bridges.Building insulation
Base (zemzemes and surface of) insulation on the outside of XPS type insulated with a 50 mmBuilding insulation
Mechanical ventilation systems installation indoors. Equipment productivity 7099m3, air heat recovery efficiency of at least 80% of heatVentilation
Heating system reconstruction - new efficient radiator installation, eg., Purmo, new heating pipes and thermal insulation, heat counter and other binding consumables.General
The transition from fossil fuels to biofuel (granules)Technology replacement
Exterior door and interior door polishing of the restoration blockGeneral
Window Restoration - seals installation, glass sealing installation site. Improvement of air movement between the leaves decay and infiltration losses around the perimeter of the window.General
The front facade renovationsGeneral
construction supervision contractGeneral
author's contractGeneral
Building energy audit reports, energy certificatesEnergy audit
Technical inspection findingsTechnical documentation
SIHP Opinion / sGeneral
confirmation cardsGeneral
Construction cost estimateGeneral
financial reserveGeneral
Project description:
Project implementation location