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Implemented projects
This section provides information on contracted EKII projects.

The final beneficiary: Rīgas valstspilsētas pašvaldība
Project name: Siltumnīcefekta gāzu emisiju samazināšana valsts nozīmes aizsargājamā arhitektūras piemineklī VEF kultūras pilī Ropažu ielā 2, Rīgā
The project contract date: 2016.07.26
The total project costs (in EUR): 6071991.91
EKII financing (EUR): 2000000.00
Project completion date: 2018.03.26
The project aims/activities:
Name Type
Roof / attic insulation, reach U = 0,19 W/m2KBuilding insulation
Old window replacement of new appropriate examine historical windows Uw-0,88, Uf - 0,68, spacer - 0,023, Ug - 0,64 g. Including heat gain reduction through the glazed structuresGeneral
Plastering of the building with plaster having a low conductivity, external plaster - 40 mm, l= 0.12 W / mK. Attainable U = 0.61General
General ventilation system reconstruction, reaching LBN 231-15 certain indicators, including the cooling section, or any other solution. Building tightness improvementGeneral
General reconstruction of heating systems, radiator removal of the attic floor, heating pipe insulation with rock wool insulation shell (b = 40mm; l= 0.04 W / mK) attic floorGeneral
Hot water pipe insulation with rock wool insulation shell (b=40mm; l=0.04 W/mK) (saving 10% of the hot water)Building insulation
Energy-efficient LED lighting installation (20% savings from the current total consumption, including stage lighting). Included in the calculation of thermal discharge reduction.Lighting
Cooling system reconstructionGeneral
Ventilation control system reconstructionGeneral
Water supply and sewage worksGeneral
construction supervision contractGeneral
author's contractGeneral
Project description:
Project implementation location