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Working time:

On weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Address: Latgales Street 165, Riga, LV-1019 (3th floor)

Name Surname Tālrunis
Gints KĀRKLIŅŠ 25 480 151
KPFI/EKII project implementation monitoring    
Ieva LAZDIŅA 25 442 238
Support for the purchase of zero-emission and low-emission vehicles
Ilona PILMANE 25 441 136
Madara KABIŅECKA (prolonged absence)
Elza GRAUZE 25 480 152
Support for the use of renewable energy sources in households
Toms BLUMBERGS 25 480 153
Sabīne VANADZIŅA 25 443 307
Kaspars TUPURIŅŠ 25 448 857
Aleksandrs KRASJKO 25 441 137

E-mail: pasts@lvif.gov.lv

Procedure for receiving visitors:

  • by prior application by phone 67845111 (indicating the purpose of the visit) - accepted by the Chairman of the Board of the Foundation or his / her authorized official;
  • without prior application - accepted by the employees of the Foundation;

Visitors are only accepted during business hours.

In accordance with the Law on Applications, the Environmental Investment Fund is entitled not to consider the received letter (application) if the sender has not indicated his / her name, surname, address of residence or stay, as well as e-mail address.